Our CRAFTED 2018 Vendors! View the full program online HERE

A special thank you to the Government of Nunavut and the Kakivak Association for sponsoring the artists travelling from Nunavut.

aelios design : Jewellery

aelios design,

Junebug Design : Glass

Junebug Design,

Cloverdale Forge : Metal

Cloverdale Forge,

Salvaged Earth Designs : Wood

Salvaged Earth Designs,

Snootsie : Fibre


Zococo : Jewellery


Velvet Plume : Fibre

Velvet Plume,

Le Petit Point : Fibre

Le Petit Point,

dconstruct : Jewellery


Ashoona Studios : Mixed Media

Ashoona Studios,

Indigo Arrows : Fibre

Indigo Arrows,

Sarah Sue Designs : Fibre

Sarah Sue Designs,

SOL Designs : Mixed Media

SOL Designs,

PJ Anderson: Ceramics

PJ, Anderson

Johanna Brierley: Jewellery

Johanna, Brierley

Jessica Canard: Jewellery

Jessica, Canard

Janet Carroll: Paper/Bookbinding

Janet, Carroll

Kevin Conlin: Ceramics

Kevin, Conlin

Herman de Vries: Wood

Herman, de Vries

Brook Drabot: Glass

Brook, Drabot

Debra Frances: Bookbinding

Debra, Frances

Kami Goertz: Fibre

Kami, Goertz

Elizabeth Gordon: Mixed Media

Elizabeth, Gordon

Terry Hildebrand: Ceramics

Terry, Hildebrand

Jessica Hodgson: Ceramics

Jessica, Hodgson

Emily Joanasie: Fibre

Emily, Joanasie

Annie Kilabuk: Fibre

Annie, Kilabuk

Kristy King: Fibre

Kristy, King

Kathryne Koop: Ceramics

Kathryne, Koop

Rachael Kroeker: Ceramics

Rachael, Kroeker

Alan Lacovetsky: Ceramics

Alan, Lacovetsky

Roy Liang: Fibre

Roy, Liang

Candace Lipischak: Mixed Media

Candace, Lipischak

Jamie Look: Jewellery

Jamie, Look

Valerie Metcalfe: Ceramics

Valerie, Metcalfe

Levina Munick: Fibre

Levina, Munick

Kathleen Noelle Black: Glass

Kathleen, Noelle Black

Mathew Nuqingaq: Jewellery

Mathew, Nuqingaq

Crystal Nykoluk: Ceramics

Crystal, Nykoluk

Amanda Onchulenko: Fibre

Amanda, Onchulenko

Chris Pancoe: Ceramics

Chris, Pancoe

Kelli Rey: Ceramics

Kelli, Rey

Candice Ring: Ceramics

Candice, Ring

Sonja Rosenberg: Jewellery

Sonja, Rosenberg

Karen Schmidt Humiski: Jewellery

Karen, Schmidt Humiski

Dawn M Teasdale: Jewellery

Dawn M, Teasdale

CJ Tennant: Jewellery

CJ, Tennant

Daria Tittenberger: Jewellery

Daria, Tittenberger

Alexandra Tumanov: Jewellery

Alexandra, Tumanov

Pat Tymkiw: Glass

Pat, Tymkiw

Cathy Ugrin: Fibre

Cathy, Ugrin

Teegan Walker: Ceramics

Teegan, Walker

Rosalind Wolchock: Jewellery

Rosalind, Wolchock