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Ugly Fish : Jewellery/Fibre

Ugly Fish,

aelios designs : Jewellery

aelios designs,

Fibreartistry : Fibre


Keeks Paper Co. : Paper

Keeks Paper Co.,

L&R Studio : Fibre

L&R Studio,

Red River Canoe : Wood

Red River Canoe,

Salvaged Earth Designs : Wood

Salvaged Earth Designs,

Snootsie : Fibre


Zococo : Jewellery


Uasau Soap : Body Products

Uasau Soap,

Ivalu : Mixed Media


PJ Anderson: Ceramics

PJ, Anderson

Elisapi Aningmuag: Jewellery & Textile

Elisapi, Aningmuag

Pierre Aupilardjuk: Ceramics

Pierre, Aupilardjuk

Johanna Brierley: Jewellery

Johanna, Brierley

Janet Carroll: Paper/Bookbinding

Janet, Carroll

Dawn Chaput: Ceramics

Dawn, Chaput

Sara Clark: Jewellery

Sara, Clark

Kevin Conlin: Ceramics

Kevin, Conlin

Herman de Vries: Wood

Herman, de Vries

June Derksen: Glass

June, Derksen

Brook Drabot: Glass

Brook, Drabot

Kami Goertz: Fibre

Kami, Goertz

Grace Han: Ceramics

Grace, Han

Jessica Hodgson: Ceramics

Jessica, Hodgson

Heidi Hunter: Fibre

Heidi, Hunter

Matt Jenkins: Metal

Matt, Jenkins

Victoria Kakuktinniq: Fibre

Victoria, Kakuktinniq

Tamara Klassen: Fibre

Tamara, Klassen

Kathryne Koop: Ceramics

Kathryne, Koop

Faith Kreelak: Fibre

Faith, Kreelak

Rachael Kroeker: Ceramics

Rachael, Kroeker

Alan Lacovetsky: Ceramics

Alan, Lacovetsky

Wendy Lee: Fibre

Wendy, Lee

Roy Liang: Fibre

Roy, Liang

Dawn M Teasdale: Jewellery

Dawn, M Teasdale

Valerie Metcalfe: Ceramics

Valerie, Metcalfe

Mimi Mirus: Fibre

Mimi, Mirus

Marj Moore: Fibre

Marj, Moore

Mona Netser: Fibre

Mona, Netser

Crystal Nykoluk: Ceramics

Crystal, Nykoluk

Shawn Nykoluk: Fibre

Shawn, Nykoluk

Keith Oliver: Wood

Keith, Oliver

Amanda Onchulenko: Fibre

Amanda, Onchulenko

Debra Plett: Bookbinding

Debra, Plett

Velvet Plume: Fibre

Velvet, Plume

Kelli Rey: Ceramics

Kelli, Rey

Lily Rosenberg: Jewellery

Lily, Rosenberg

Sonja Rosenberg: Jewellery

Sonja, Rosenberg

Kelly Ruth: Fibre

Kelly, Ruth

Angela Sawatzky: Jewellery

Angela, Sawatzky

Kylie Stomp: Fibre/Mixed Media

Kylie, Stomp

Robert Strate: Wood

Robert, Strate

Cathy Sutton: Fibre

Cathy, Sutton

CJ Tennant: Jewellery

CJ, Tennant

Daria Tittenberger: Jewellery

Daria, Tittenberger

Alexandra Tumanov: Jewellery

Alexandra, Tumanov

Melanie Wesley: Fibre

Melanie, Wesley