Our CRAFTED 2019 Vendors!


aelios design : Jewellery

aelios design,

Alexandra Tumanov Jewellery : Jewellery

Alexandra Tumanov Jewellery,

Brook Drabot Glass : Glass

Brook Drabot Glass,

CJ Tennant Jewellery : Jewellery

CJ Tennant Jewellery,

Metamorphosis Glass Works : Glass

Metamorphosis Glass Works,

Johanna Brierley Jewellery Design : Jewellery

Johanna Brierley Jewellery Design,

Junebug Design : Glass

Junebug Design,

Cypress Ceramics Studio : Ceramics

Cypress Ceramics Studio,

Cloverdale Forge : Metal

Cloverdale Forge,

PJ Anderson Ceramics : Ceramics

PJ Anderson Ceramics,

Winnipeg North of Fargo : Fibre

Winnipeg North of Fargo,

Sunday Feel : Jewellery

Sunday Feel,

Salvaged Earth Designs : Wood

Salvaged Earth Designs,

Snootsie : Fibre


Valerie Metcalfe Pottery : Ceramics

Valerie Metcalfe Pottery,

Velvet Plume : Fibre

Velvet Plume,

Earth + Hide : Fibre/Mixed Media

Earth + Hide,

Le Petit Point : Fibre

Le Petit Point,

dconstruct : Jewellery


Candice Ring Studio Pottery : Ceramics

Candice Ring Studio Pottery,

Teegan Walker Ceramics : Ceramics

Teegan Walker Ceramics,

Ashoona Studios : Mixed Media

Ashoona Studios,

Fat Daug - Hand Carved Antler Jewelry : Mixed Media

Fat Daug - Hand Carved Antler Jewelry,

Indigo Arrows : Fibre

Indigo Arrows,

Karen Schmidt Humiski Studios : Jewellery

Karen Schmidt Humiski Studios,

Sarah Sue Design : Fibre

Sarah Sue Design,

GlassHouse Designs : Glass

GlassHouse Designs,

Siqiniq Street Designs : Jewellery/Fibre

Siqiniq Street Designs,

Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador : Mixed Media

Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador,

Charlotte's Dollhouse : Fibre

Charlotte's Dollhouse,

Commonwealth MFG : Fibre

Commonwealth MFG,

Sweet Adeline : Fibre

Sweet Adeline,

Inspired Designs : Wood

Inspired Designs,

Little Wing Odd Birds : Fibre

Little Wing Odd Birds,

Mouse River Pottery : Ceramics

Mouse River Pottery,

Root Cellar : Wood

Root Cellar,

Arctic Canada Trading Co. : Mixed Media

Arctic Canada Trading Co.,

Rox Textile Art : Fibre

Rox Textile Art,

Rusty Nail Shorebirds : Wood

Rusty Nail Shorebirds,

Stone + Colour Creative : Wood

Stone + Colour Creative,

Wilder Goods : Fibre

Wilder Goods,

Michael Astill: Ceramics

Michael, Astill

Melissa Attagutsiak: Jewellery

Melissa , Attagutsiak

Cynthia Boehm: Fibre

Cynthia, Boehm

Janet Carroll: Paper/Bookbinding

Janet, Carroll

James Culleton: Mixed Media

James, Culleton

Herman de Vries: Wood

Herman, de Vries

Debra Frances: Bookbinding

Debra, Frances

Kami Goertz: Fibre

Kami, Goertz

Grace Han: Ceramics

Grace, Han

Terry Hildebrand: Ceramics

Terry, Hildebrand

Helen Kaloon: Fibre

Helen , Kaloon

Annie Kilabuk: Jewellery/Fibre

Annie, Kilabuk

Tamara Klassen: Fibre

Tamara, Klassen

Kathryne Koop: Ceramics

Kathryne, Koop

Alan Lacovetsky: Ceramics

Alan, Lacovetsky

Dave McMillan: Ceramics

Dave, McMillan

Crystal Nykoluk: Ceramics

Crystal, Nykoluk

Chris Pancoe: Ceramics

Chris, Pancoe

Rosemarie Péloquin: Fibre

Rosemarie, Péloquin

Kelli Rey: Ceramics

Kelli, Rey

Chelsey St. John: Fibre

Chelsey, St. John

Dawn Teasdale: Jewellery

Dawn, Teasdale

Alina Tungilik: Jewellery

Alina, Tungilik

Pat Tymkiw: Glass

Pat, Tymkiw

Cathie Ugrin: Fibre

Cathie, Ugrin

Tricia Wasney: Jewellery

Tricia, Wasney